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Nik and Dana


Kayla & Bryce {Thunder Bay Wedding Photographer}

They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck. They say that marrying your best friend is the best way to start a marriage. Somewhere, I’m sure ‘they’ would also say that if a groom can get a room full of 275 people to do a Jägerbomb his marriage is going to be just fine.

It rained. No, it poured. It wasn’t just a drizzle, and it definitely didn’t let up for a good long while….well actually as soon as the official Mr & Mrs announcement was made the sun decided to shine. So, maybe it wasn’t the most beautiful of days if we’re talking about the weather. But when Bryce and Kayla look back on their wedding day, their memories won’t be of the torrential downpour or soaking wet guests and decorations (well maybe a little), they will be of how many people came to support them even if it meant that they might get completely drenched.

Congrats Bryce and Kayla, you guys sure know how to throw a party.


Allie & Mike {Toronto Wedding Photographer}

She came walking out and took his breath away. She whispered her vows to him and he held her close with his eyes. She laughed at a picture from her past and he looked at her while she did so. These are the the in-between’s. They are the moments that not everyone notices. Not everyone remembers. They are the forgotten memories that we hope that we can show a bride and groom when they look through their portfolio. Mike & Allie, while we were busy looking through our lens at you on your big day, you were busy looking at each other. We caught many glances, tender moments and emotions and we hope and pray that this day is etched into your memories and that these pictures only serve as reflections of how much you love each other.

A little Ukranian dancing prep, pre-ceremony.

The Millen Rose Garden: Breathtaking.

Allie & Mike {Toronto Wedding Photographer}

She saves tiny little lives every day. He is learning to save lives at med school. There’s is a love that has lasted the test of time. They’ve walked a long road together and at the end of it was one of the most beautiful days. A day where their love prevailed and they became husband and wife. Dreamy, right? Well, it was a dream. Here’s my disclaimer: This post is….long. It has 35 (I think) pictures to peruse through…and that’s just the bridal party prep…ahem, I  mean the bride’s side prep. So, please forgive me (I think I say that a lot, don’t I) again. I will be devoting the next few posts to this magnificent couple. They deserve nothing less than a few days of our time. Trust me.

I will begin with miss Allison. A NICU nurse who has a bigger heart than I can even convey. She may be out saving the world one tiny heartbeat at a time, but I know that she has saved me a few times with her homemade suppers with their secret ingredients! Yes, that’s right. We know these two on a personal level. In fact, Mike was a part of our wedding. Allie lived in our basement for a time. The two have changed and enriched our lives. We love them and were incredibly honoured when they requested that we be the ones to capture their memories on this most important day. A request that we don’t take lightly.

I will be sharing more about these two, but for now…of course, some pictures and as always, click on them to see them larger!

Hat Holding

Well folks, ilo photo is heading home and we are so excited about some great things that we will be announcing soon. See you in a few Thunder Bay. Oh, and hold on to your hats, this is going to get fun!

Happy Monday morning. We will be taking a break from our usual format to share some very exciting news with you. Ilo has experienced growth. So much growth. We’re excited to soon share with you a whole new avenue that our business will be going down and to introduce you to a wonderful non profit organization that we’ve paired up with. All of these exciting things will come in the next couple of months if you can hold on to your hats for that long. But first;

Ilo Photo is going on tour. We are packing up the whole gang and traveling around North America. Where and when exactly? Well, that’s kind of up to you. We know that we have to be in Edmonton on May 13th and 14th, and we’re visitng friends in and around Alberta a week before and after that.

Take a second and think of your parents’ fireplace mantle or bookshelf, you know, the one with all of the cheesy family pictures sporting huge non-ironic glasses and itchy sweaters. It’s good times to look back at those pictures and have a laugh at what we all once thought was the latest thing, but what if there were no pictures up there to look at?
We heard last year of a photographer-lead global initiative called help portrait and have since wanted to do something similar ourselves. So, with the help-portrait model in mind, we are going on a mission to serve others through the medium of photography. If you or someone you know would love to have some photos but don’t have the means to actually acquire them, drop us a line. If we can get to you, we’ll try our hardest. If you’re from Texas, New York, PEI….let us know. We will be taking Sunday’s off and will primarily do our shoots during the week. We are not meaning to take business away from your local photographers, so if you can, support them first. But,  if you’d like to take advantage of this or know someone who would be a good candidate for a session, get in touch with us by emailing or phoning 807-630-1285. We’d love to hear from you and of course to see your beautiful faces in front of our camera.

And, because we love photos…here, I might as well show you one that was taken about 5 months ago….my oh my how time flies.

To have and to hold…

Many (maybe most?) wedding photographers offer digital files of images to their clients for posting on facebook or having prints made at a later date. This idea seems an obvious and welcome one, but sometimes those important pictures sit on a disc or hard drive for years on end, hoping to one day be hung in a hallway or displayed in an album, but often remaining as 1’s and 0’s packed tightly together like last pregnancy’s maternity clothing in a vacuum bag (no? That simile doesn’t do it for you? ah well, we tried).

OK, maybe having pictures kept digitally isn’t really THAT dramatic, but it is nice to be able to hold a print or album in your hand and pass it to a friend without first having to tag them in it.

We had this album arrive just the other day for a client from our album company, and really couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was – the build of the album that is! (Although we kinda like the pictures in it to). Before passing it along, we took some snaps of it to share with you…

this book is big! it's a 16"x12" spread, meaning fully open like this it's over 32" wide!

very nice sharp corners and photo-cover wrapping

the lay-flat pages allow us to design the layout without worrying about a middle "gutter" where things can get lost, like keys and cell phones...

the next few images are of the display box this couple decided to add-on for proctection and storage. it's a piece of art in itself!

an embossed ilo logo for good measure

Moral of the story (did this story need a moral?) is that just like old clothing in a plastic bag needs to breathe once in a while, so do your digital pictures; let them loose!